A Quick and Easy Way (slippery too!) to boost the Love Mojo

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Stiff shoulders from sitting in front of the computer too long and stress? Want to give that extra boost in your relationship? This is a quick and easy way to achieve both.

Have these handy,

– Essential oils (I love clover and cinnamon.), or any good massage oil will do.
– Bathtub (big enough for two)
– Fresh mint leaves
– Bubbles
– Candles (just some tealight candles from Target will do)
– Your boytoy / beef cake/ sexy other half. Naked, of course

Don’t let your guy’s tough appearance, handyman skills and deep voice fool you, they love the warm, silky, smelling good bath water. Especially when you are right in it with him.

The mint and the essential oils in the water will help both of you relax, soften not only your skin but also your tensed up emotions. There’s something very powerful and sensual when bare skins touch between your lover and you. Human beings crave touch though out their entire lives. It automatically gives you a better sense of well-being.

Instead of watching another episode of scripted ‘Bachelorette’, and secretly wishing you were the bachelorette seeking romance on a reality show, why not have a steamy sensual one on one time with the real man who ‘s dying to love you in real life.


A Truly Dirty Girl Trip

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 think I still have sand in my bag!

I just got back from Glamis, my very first ‘sandy’ trip! I spent 4 days out there with Dave, the family and family friends. Gotta tell ya, at first, I did not know what to think of the desert, ‘very outdoorsy’ as my friend Laurie described when I told her my Holloween weekend plans. lol. I love the outdoors but I have always chosen to be outdoors by the water-streams, river, lake and ocean- but DESERT? mmmm..I don’t know.

But because of Dave’s enthusiasm and convition about how much fun I will have, I packed our bags and we loaded up our car.

I have always heard stories from my sand loving friends about Glamis, but not until I saw it  ‘in action’ I was amazed. The algodones dunes are HUGE! Everyone brought out their toys to the desert, dune buggys, quads, mortorcycles…

So I rode in dune buggys, learned how to ride a quad with Dave, and rode my first dune! 🙂

Thank goodness for the showers in the mobile homes. 😉

We sat by the camp fire, made smores, played games, embraced the company of our friends and family, we made wishes to dozens of shooting stars…what a great experience, what an amazing trip.

*Videos are to come, of course! But the taste test and planning for the reception D’oeuvres waiting for me this month, i probably won’t be able to edit all the raw clips.

Whooray for how blessed I am to be close to all the amazing places to visit in So Cal! Snow season is coming up- Lake Tahoe, here we come in December!

In the Making

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People go to restaurants, not to just fill their hunger, but also certain emotional needs. It’s not just the food served on the plate, it’s also hospitality.

Hospitality-something taken so lightly these days. Somewhere along the increasing demands, speed, and convenience we lost that true essence of it. When a baby is born, it receives its first four gifts of this world- eye contact, a smile, a hug, and some food (breast milk of course). So it only makes sense we, as humans spend the rest of our lives craving those four things.

Professionally, I’ve worked with people for years, but it is not until NOW I am starting to really truly understand hospitality. I mean, to live it, to really genuinely feel the energy of hospitality transferring from one individual to another. The energy flows. It’s warm. It sparks.

It’s like having your most favorite people over for dinner.

I absolutely love that feeling.

And I got called out on it. Lol. I have been questioned several times why I am glowing and so happy all the time at work, and my answer from the heart- it’s because I love food and I love to feed people. I dance around the restaurant as if it is my own dining room, and everyone there is one of my old friends.

Let’s try my favorite Chianti.

Two of my favorite guests asked me about my vision in my own restaurant.

“ It’s going to be called Turquoise!” My eyes lit up when I heard the question, wondering how much time they’ve got.

“Turquoise is going to be in La Jolla, or somewhere in Orange County, near a cliff over looking blue ocean.” I wanted to create the Mediterranean, white stucco, blue ocean kind of feel. “It will serve sustainable local seafood with local organic farm to table produces.”

I went on explaining why it is so important to serve sustainable seafood and produce.

I could feel the energy bursting out within me. My calling. I was pouring my heart out. They loved it. The wife loved the name and the décor, the husband loved the purpose of Turquoise. And I loved the feeling of even just talking about it. I envisioned it so vividly in my head, my own little hospitality heaven.

My training now, to be a successful restaurateur in the future, is to learn every single aspect of a restaurant, or restaurants. My next stop, will be the kitchen. Trial by fire, literally.

I can’t wait.

Anniversary Week- No 1

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Nowadays, a great blog often starts with a touching (and dangerously cliché) quote from somewhere. Since this blog is about our anniversary weekend and I really don’t intend on making it too mushy for our male audiences, I will omit love quotes like the following-



“The most wonderful of all things in life, I believe, is the discovery of another human being with whom one’s relationship has a growing depth, beauty, and joy as the years increase. This inner progressiveness of love between two human beings is a most marvelous thing; it cannot be found by looking for it or by passionately wishing for it. It is a sort of divine accident, and the most wonderful of all things in life.” Huge Walpole, Sr. 1884-1941


Ha ha got ya!


Well, I think it is more appropriate to call it an anniversary week, instead of a ‘weekend’-we started our celebration on Wednesday. It was fun, that both of us had a surprise planned for each other. Mine was on the actual date of our anniversary, and his was that coming weekend.


OCTOBER 1, 2008   Cardiff by the Sea, CA

I was amazed to have discovered this gem in Cardiff (Thank you, Laurie!!)- a beautiful bed and breakfast right off 101. Stunning ocean view, lush garden (you know I always appreciated great landscaping), and a killer roof top.


The second my friend Laurie showed me the roof top, I was sold on having the anniversary surprise here. It was beautifully landscaped, had a Jacuzzi, and a fire place. What more to ask for?


Oh, there’s more. Laurie brought me to one of their themed rooms- it was exactly like its name- Paradise. The tropical themed room with a ‘rain’ shower- I absolutely LOVE rain showers.








Sunset is usually at 6:20 PM around this time of the year-Not enough time to set up at all. I had the entire candle store worth of candles, dinner to be finalized, champagne to chill, and oh my God, there was no time! Laurie was an amazing help helping me set up candles, lay the white table cloth, set the table and ice the champagne while I was in Paradise getting ready. I have such great friends. J


Dave was given the address to come to the place only 20 minutes prior. He was brought up to the roof top first while I finished up getting ready. 


Walking up the spiral wooden staircase up to the roof top, in the beauiful dress Dave bought me, heels- why the heck did I start getting nervous?! I completely reminded myself of The Bachelor- “Will he give me a rose?!!!!” lol.  Especially when I walked up, he was facing ocean, watching the sunset and turned around with the gorgeous smile I love so much. 


It was all worth it then.


To be Continued….

Law of Attraction. Works Everytime.

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I signed up at meetup.com where you can find groups of interest to join and meet up with different people in the area who share the same interests and mission statement. Of course, I joined the San Diego Food and Wine group, Food related groups, organic gardening group, law of attraction group and etc.

I was filling out the questions on the profile page, one asked about how I was going to use the law of attraction to help accomplish my life goals, I wrote down the kind of people and professionals I am attracting to my path, the encouragement, and the help.

Two wake up calls showed right up- one from Dave and one from my friend, catering partner Nafisa. I needed those. Dave, more on the coaching side, and Nafisa was the encouragement I also needed.
How fucking fortunate I must be, to have my own dreams and to take this crazy first step towards them. How many people out there are still wondering through life without dreams, or not even considering going after their dreams.

Believe me, I even thought about getting non-food related jobs again, just so I can be ‘comfortable’ again, like those around me.

But at the end of day, it’s what’s going to make me happy, what is going to feed my soul, and just the fact that I can say that I found my life purpose and I am doing it.

Because all of that, I am okay with myself. Are you okay with yourself?

Power? or Doormat?

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After a few days, I can’t believe this is still on my mind. I even dreamt about it last night. I wouldn’t say it ‘bothers’ me necessarily- but I think internally I have been doing some thinking on this issue, lol, even in my dreams. So what the heck, this is blog material. 😉


A little history…


About a year ago or so, I finished Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s best seller- ‘The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands’ (briefed PCFH), and at the same time, I picked up the audio book for her other book- ‘The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriages’ to listen to as a couple. I enjoyed both books very much-despite how many of my friends made fun of me for reading ‘The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands’ (Even one of my Ex’s still til this day would check in and ask “Are you still following Dr. Laura’s prescribed life style?”).


I usually laugh, not minding the jokes- because reading PCFH was like confirming everything I was doing in my current relationship and the book was an affirmation agent to my actions.


Long story short,


 just the other day, we were getting ready to go see Jack Johnson’s concert in Chula Vista (which, my little project of movie clip from Jack’s concert is coming soon!! It’s taking me a while to figure it out!). We planned on arriving at the Cricket Wireless Amphitheater around 5:00 PM. It was 1:30 PM; Dave was in the garage, almost done working on the Seadoo; I just got done reading an E-book and asked our roommate Becky if she wanted to head  to the mall down the street with me.


“I plan on going around 2:30ish” I explained to Becky. “I am fixing some lunch right now and once Dave is done working on the Seadoo, we are having lunch together and then you and I can go.”


Becky immediately shook her head and said: “No, Sandy. You are YOUR OWN woman, you don’t wait for Dave. Don’t accommodate his schedule.”  


This really made me think. No, I didn’t decide to wait because I was solely accommodating him and  sacrificing my own agenda- I waited because I LOVE fixing meals for him (or fixing meals period? lol) and having lunch together with him. It’s that simple, as it should be. SO, I told Becky my thoughts, and I don’t think she agreed with me, which is completely ok, but ever since that day- I started thinking about women independence, how women struggle for power in a relationship, and Dr. Laura’s blogs on love.


This particular blog explains it:



I am NOT the one to claim that I KNOW the ultimate truth on love and relationships.


I don’t.


I can only remain a humble student of life, and just, keep learning. I gather all kinds of information- I filter out what doesn’t agree with my core values and I take in the rest. But I don’t know, the PCFH principles just come so natural to me- you love someone, you want to take care of that person, make that person so happy and smile as big as he/she can! Being in love and in a relationship is not always about getting things your way, silly power struggles ,at least that shouldn’t be your main concern. Of course it’s about your happiness too, but, being able to contribute to that someone’s happiness and wellness is the ultimate source of your own happiness and fulfillment- and you will receive the same if not better treatment back! Brilliant, Dr. Laura!


 I know each couple in their relationship has their own way of ‘being’- Becky and Bobby have their own way; and our way in my relationship is working out beautifully. 🙂


Whew, now this is off my chest, I can move on to a good night sleep. 😉 Thank you for listening! 


Pod on relationships-



My Green Smoothie in the Morning

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·         One pear (Bartlett pears are in season right now)

·         One orange (you can also use mango and lemon)

·         One banana

·         A hand full of blueberries

·         A hand full of raw spinach leaves ( I use the organic baby spinach leaves from the market) My spinach in the garden is simply not ready yet.

·         Ice cubes (I use about four) and some water (measured one measuring cup- you know how much I dislike measuring :P)



 Cut the pears in quarters (you can remove the seeds in the middle by cutting off the edge of each quartered pear piece), remove the skin of the orange and cut in pieces, peel the banana and break into sections.


Load up the blender/smoothie maker with the ingredients- pear, orange, banana, blueberries, spinach leaves and finally the spinach leaves and ice cubes on top of other ingredients, and water (to help blending the ingredients). Start the blender on low and move to the highest power (i.e. the frappuccino mode) for at least 1 minute to make sure it is nice and smooth.


I actually have been throwing just about any kind of fruit and some veggies (I have not been too daring with veggies in my smoothies- tried different lettuces, kale and little bit of collards- but that’s about it) in my smoothie maker for a while now. I thought about getting a juicer, but I like the idea of a hearty drink instead of just juice- but maybe later, once I decide to put more crazy veggies in the smoothies. This recipe is very similar to the green smoothie recipe by the Raw Body Twins www.rawbodytwins.com (aren’t they just so beautiful?!- thanks for the videos!) but different. I have some home grown pears and blood oranges (so good!) and blue berries are on sale everywhere, so I decided to add those. Since I add the blueberries (super food), the color turns out darker, actually not too pretty- but hey, the smoothie is Yummy and nutritious. This recipe makes about alittle more than 32 oz, you can double it if you are making it for more than one person.  


This green smoothie is a great way to get your raw leafy greens and fruits in first thing in the morning. If you have kids, or a husband who aren’t the biggest fan of the leafy greens- this is a good way to sneak the greens in. J