Little about Findsandy

My name is Yu-Shan, Sandy, or my screen name Findsandy. I am an inspired cook, who is preparing to enroll in the Maui Culinary program next year. My background has always been in business and property management- BUT, my true passion is entertainment and food. So at age 25, I am jumping ships and am sailing to a completely different direction-happier one too! I love the inspiration food brings to people and I value the important role food plays in every aspect of our lives.

Food is what sustains us, art, expression, emotion, bond- and I am learning everyday about it. 🙂 I am gaining versatility with world cuisines and exploring flavors and possibilities.

My goal is to have some kick ass restaurants opened up before 35 (10 years-time is ticking!). I am also entertaining the idea of a catering, event planning company-who knows what will unfold?

But, one at a time- I have a tendency to just come up with 10000 ideas and try to do them all at once!

Some of the favorite projects I am working on right now-social networking, food and recipes, organic gardening (oh yeah, on my patio, whoo!), Emerge Events (Making every proposal perfect and easy!), and studying different restaurant menus, structures, and etc.

So I am here to get back in touch with people, network with kinder souls, and share my experience and journey with ya. 


~ by findsandy on August 17, 2008.

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