End of Summer Updates

I don’t want to always start out my blog this way, but man, can you believe it’s almost September?


 Wait, is summer officially over in September?


Maybe its because I am not in school anymore, and that I live in southern California and the weather is still fairly warm- the end of summer isn’t much of a depressing event. Oh I am already thinking about cooking for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


I must say though- this summer has been awesome- lots of bodyboarding, beach going, vacationing, cooking, BBQing, seadoo riding, fishing and spending time discovering myself and people. SUMMER WELL SPENT! It’s a bummer that I couldn’t squeeze another summer trip to Taiwan (I used to every summer)- but considering I was just there this past March, I think I got my island fix for the year.


As some of you know, I am jumping ships, or at least making drastic changes to enable myself to work with what I always loved- food. Hum, as an Aquarius, you would think I would be the frontier to making changes and do what I love. Honestly, all the reasons that held me back from doing what I was born to do, NOW I realized-were simply excuses.


Not gonna lie though, the transition is tough. You will see bigger smiles on my face because I certainly feel so much happier and higher than ever, not because the transition is a piece of cake. I am often asked- why did you give up the good salary position and a respected profession? The funny thing is, I still ask myself that question once in a while, when I slightly lose sight of light at the end of tunnel. But, I tell myself, Sandy, life is way too short for you to spend the rest of your life, or even a couple of years more, to not follow your passion, your intuitions, and not be free.


Freedom is a big deal to me. I feed off freedom and the least appealing idea to me is to be trapped in my office from 9 to whenever reading last minute e-mails about how a homeowner refuses to pay their HOA dues because they didn’t like the way their lawn was mowed.


I escaped. J


I am in a new kingdom making my way around, discovering new things, and practicing trial and error. I have some tough advisers around and maybe even tougher critics out there- thank you. I won’t let myself down.


~ by findsandy on August 25, 2008.

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