Law of Attraction. Works Everytime.

I signed up at where you can find groups of interest to join and meet up with different people in the area who share the same interests and mission statement. Of course, I joined the San Diego Food and Wine group, Food related groups, organic gardening group, law of attraction group and etc.

I was filling out the questions on the profile page, one asked about how I was going to use the law of attraction to help accomplish my life goals, I wrote down the kind of people and professionals I am attracting to my path, the encouragement, and the help.

Two wake up calls showed right up- one from Dave and one from my friend, catering partner Nafisa. I needed those. Dave, more on the coaching side, and Nafisa was the encouragement I also needed.
How fucking fortunate I must be, to have my own dreams and to take this crazy first step towards them. How many people out there are still wondering through life without dreams, or not even considering going after their dreams.

Believe me, I even thought about getting non-food related jobs again, just so I can be ‘comfortable’ again, like those around me.

But at the end of day, it’s what’s going to make me happy, what is going to feed my soul, and just the fact that I can say that I found my life purpose and I am doing it.

Because all of that, I am okay with myself. Are you okay with yourself?


~ by findsandy on October 17, 2008.

One Response to “Law of Attraction. Works Everytime.”

  1. The mind is a powerful thing and we truly are the creators of our own lives. Makes you think twice about ‘what” you choose to think about doesn’t it 🙂


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