In the Making

People go to restaurants, not to just fill their hunger, but also certain emotional needs. It’s not just the food served on the plate, it’s also hospitality.

Hospitality-something taken so lightly these days. Somewhere along the increasing demands, speed, and convenience we lost that true essence of it. When a baby is born, it receives its first four gifts of this world- eye contact, a smile, a hug, and some food (breast milk of course). So it only makes sense we, as humans spend the rest of our lives craving those four things.

Professionally, I’ve worked with people for years, but it is not until NOW I am starting to really truly understand hospitality. I mean, to live it, to really genuinely feel the energy of hospitality transferring from one individual to another. The energy flows. It’s warm. It sparks.

It’s like having your most favorite people over for dinner.

I absolutely love that feeling.

And I got called out on it. Lol. I have been questioned several times why I am glowing and so happy all the time at work, and my answer from the heart- it’s because I love food and I love to feed people. I dance around the restaurant as if it is my own dining room, and everyone there is one of my old friends.

Let’s try my favorite Chianti.

Two of my favorite guests asked me about my vision in my own restaurant.

“ It’s going to be called Turquoise!” My eyes lit up when I heard the question, wondering how much time they’ve got.

“Turquoise is going to be in La Jolla, or somewhere in Orange County, near a cliff over looking blue ocean.” I wanted to create the Mediterranean, white stucco, blue ocean kind of feel. “It will serve sustainable local seafood with local organic farm to table produces.”

I went on explaining why it is so important to serve sustainable seafood and produce.

I could feel the energy bursting out within me. My calling. I was pouring my heart out. They loved it. The wife loved the name and the décor, the husband loved the purpose of Turquoise. And I loved the feeling of even just talking about it. I envisioned it so vividly in my head, my own little hospitality heaven.

My training now, to be a successful restaurateur in the future, is to learn every single aspect of a restaurant, or restaurants. My next stop, will be the kitchen. Trial by fire, literally.

I can’t wait.


~ by findsandy on October 22, 2008.

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