A Truly Dirty Girl Trip

 think I still have sand in my bag!

I just got back from Glamis, my very first ‘sandy’ trip! I spent 4 days out there with Dave, the family and family friends. Gotta tell ya, at first, I did not know what to think of the desert, ‘very outdoorsy’ as my friend Laurie described when I told her my Holloween weekend plans. lol. I love the outdoors but I have always chosen to be outdoors by the water-streams, river, lake and ocean- but DESERT? mmmm..I don’t know.

But because of Dave’s enthusiasm and convition about how much fun I will have, I packed our bags and we loaded up our car.

I have always heard stories from my sand loving friends about Glamis, but not until I saw it  ‘in action’ I was amazed. The algodones dunes are HUGE! Everyone brought out their toys to the desert, dune buggys, quads, mortorcycles…

So I rode in dune buggys, learned how to ride a quad with Dave, and rode my first dune! 🙂

Thank goodness for the showers in the mobile homes. 😉

We sat by the camp fire, made smores, played games, embraced the company of our friends and family, we made wishes to dozens of shooting stars…what a great experience, what an amazing trip.

*Videos are to come, of course! But the taste test and planning for the reception D’oeuvres waiting for me this month, i probably won’t be able to edit all the raw clips.

Whooray for how blessed I am to be close to all the amazing places to visit in So Cal! Snow season is coming up- Lake Tahoe, here we come in December!


~ by findsandy on November 4, 2008.

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