A Quick and Easy Way (slippery too!) to boost the Love Mojo

Stiff shoulders from sitting in front of the computer too long and stress? Want to give that extra boost in your relationship? This is a quick and easy way to achieve both.

Have these handy,

– Essential oils (I love clover and cinnamon.), or any good massage oil will do.
– Bathtub (big enough for two)
– Fresh mint leaves
– Bubbles
– Candles (just some tealight candles from Target will do)
– Your boytoy / beef cake/ sexy other half. Naked, of course

Don’t let your guy’s tough appearance, handyman skills and deep voice fool you, they love the warm, silky, smelling good bath water. Especially when you are right in it with him.

The mint and the essential oils in the water will help both of you relax, soften not only your skin but also your tensed up emotions. There’s something very powerful and sensual when bare skins touch between your lover and you. Human beings crave touch though out their entire lives. It automatically gives you a better sense of well-being.

Instead of watching another episode of scripted ‘Bachelorette’, and secretly wishing you were the bachelorette seeking romance on a reality show, why not have a steamy sensual one on one time with the real man who ‘s dying to love you in real life.


~ by findsandy on April 15, 2009.

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